The Resolutions of J.R. Cuevas

Resolutions for Private Devotion

  1. Resolved – to strive to love God with all that I am and have and in all that I do, such that all of my endeavors can be traced back to this resolution
  2. Resolved – to live a life of uncompromised worship to God that is full of spirit and truth
  3. Resolved – to discard from my life anything that will surely hinder me from loving God
  4. Resolved – to consider the lives of godly men from the past and the present so as to encourage my soul to strive hard in the race of faith
  5. Resolved – to consider the possibility of going to heaven everyday, and to live life in such a way that will maximize my enjoyment of eternity
  6. Resolved – to cease striving and be restful in my heart, so as to know the Lord better and purify my worship of Him
  7. Resolved – to cultivate child-likeness before the Lord at all times so as to admire Him for all that He is and to depend on Him in all that I do
  8. Resolved – to treasure God above all things and to make the most strenuous effort to rid my heart of competing idols such that my life be characterized by a desire for God alone
  9. Resolved – to mortify pride and cultivate humility before both God and man in all my endeavors
  10. Resolved – to treasure my times alone with God with utmost value so as to discipline myself to engage in it daily, consistently, and fervently
  11. Resolved – to ponder over the reality of Christ crucified every day, such that all my days will stem from such knowledge of the gospel
  12. Resolved – to unceasingly pray so as to remain in relations with Him at all times, such that my life may be lived only by the power that He provides and not that of my own
  13. Resolved – to pursue conformity to Christ in my character, such that the only accusation that His enemies may have against me is that I walk in too similar a manner as He did
  14. Resolved – to set my mind on heavenly things and not earthly things, so as to never be satisfied with life on earth but to strive toward the upward prize of Christ Jesus
  15. Resolved – to become so familiar with the Scriptures such that they are treasured in my heart at all times, that I may not sin against the Lord
  16. Resolved – to be content with the things that God has provided for me, yet to be ever-so-striving in the things that I can do to serve the Lord
  17. Resolved – to never ask for more of anything aside from further intimacy with the Lord Himself, further growth in Christ-likeness, and further growth of His kingdom

Resolutions for Marriage & Family

  1. Resolved – to love Christ magnanimously more than my wife and children, such that all of my marriage and fatherhood endeavors stem out of a heart that loves Him first and foremost and that worships Him
  2. Resolved – to disciple my wife and children, such that I stay faithful to the commission that God gave me
  3. Resolved – to do all things in marriage and fatherhood out of the fear of the Lord and not the fear of my family, so as to lead her in all wisdom
  4. Resolved – to love my wife in such a way that truly reflects Christ’s sacrificial love for the church, such that she be reminded of the gospel by the way I treat her
  5. Resolved – to pray for my wife and children in such a way that indicates that I do not trust in myself, but in the Lord to both grow and sustain my family
  6. Resolved – to uphold the sexual purity of my marriage such that Christ’s fidelity to His church would truly be honored
  7. Resolved – to lead my wife to Christ in such a way that nurtures her love for Him in a way that far surpasses her love for me
  8. Resolved – to learn my wife in such a way as to be able to live with her in a knowledgeable way
  9. Resolved – to shepherd my wife and children such that they are separated from the vile things of the world and sanctified by the Word of God
  10. Resolved – to love my children in such a way that they know the love of God through the integrity of their father’s character
  11. Resolved – to raise my children with the discipline and instruction of the Lord
  12. Resolved – to strengthen the hearts of my children and not exasperate or discourage them
  13. Resolved – to pass on the greatness of God to my children, such that they may also pass on the greatness of God to the generation afterwards

Resolutions for Relationships

  1. Resolved – to be purposeful in all of my relationships towards the goal of making disciples of Jesus Christ
  2. Resolved – to immerse myself in the atmosphere of wise and godly brethren, so as to walk the way of wisdom and be further sharpened in my pursuit of godliness
  3. Resolved – to remain steadfastly faithful to those brethren whom the Lord called me to be a neighbor to, so as to endure adversity both with them and for them
  4. Resolved – to use all opportunities I have with fellow brethren not flippantly or foolishly, but rather to somehow stimulate them to further growth in godliness, so as to bring glory and honor to my Lord Jesus Christ
  5. Resolved – to humbly consider my brethren in Christ as more important than myself, and to willingly lay down my life for the sake of their spiritual benefit
  6. Resolved – to do everything towards my fellow brethren in love, such as to not engage in even those neutral endeavors that are self-serving and pride-motivated
  7. Resolved – to commit to the discipleship of young men so as to constantly be involved in shaping men to be even more effective for the kingdom of God than myself
  8. Resolved – to remain alert in all perseverance and prayer for the brethren, so as to not withhold the greatest ministry that I can give to them – the ministry of prayer
  9. Resolved – to patiently admonish, encourage, and help the brethren in such a way as to cause them to love Christ and treasure Him and therefore stimulate lives of worship

Resolutions for Church Ministry

  1. Resolved – to consider ministry a privilege rather than a burden, so as to thank God each time He allows me to partake in such great work and to abstain from complaining
  2. Resolved – to fight mightily against all temptations to think more highly of myself than I ought to simply because I am in ministry, but rather to approach ministry with a humble joy
  3. Resolved – to be faithful in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified in all ministry endeavors, despite the suffering and affliction that I may go through to do so
  4. Resolved – to diligently invest my effort and energy in all my ministry endeavors such that I may stand before the Lord unashamed, having accurately handled the word of truth
  5. Resolved – to fear the Lord in all ministry endeavors and to mortify the fear of man, such that I may do all things in ministry out of a heart that seeks to trust the Lord and please Him only
  6. Resolved – to labor and agonize, by the strength of the grace of God, to present every man complete in Christ
  7. Resolved – to preach the Word of God and nothing but the Word of God in all ministry endeavors, so as to equip the saints for the work of ministry and grow them in Christ-likeness
  8. Resolved – to rely on the strength of the Lord and not on my own strength when engaged in all ministry endeavors
  9. Resolved – to mortify any spirit of man-fearing timidity and to engage in ministry endeavors girded by the strength of God alone
  10. Resolved – to carry myself with utmost dignity and humility when engaged in any ministry endeavors
  11. Resolved – to carry with all my growing experience and attitude of teachability, and to consider all suggestions and criticism carefully rather than simply defending myself or objecting
  12. Resolved – to cultivate in my heart a humble and joyful willingness to do any type of ministry, so as to never assume a position of leadership or authority
  13. Resolved – to minister to God’s people in such a way as to never promote myself as the greatest, but rather to labor and strive to invest in others to be exceed and outdo me in ministry, so as to be rewarded by Christ for this labor
  14. Resolved – to invest in people in ministry in such a way that inspires them to realize that I am no one without Christ and that they can do all that I do and more through the power of Christ
  15. Resolved – to shepherd the flock of God in such a manner that truly reflects the character of Jesus Christ, such that I may be reward for faithful service at the end of my life

Resolutions for Scholarship

  1. Resolved – to have the proper perspective in my scholastic endeavors and to see all homework assignments, exams, and lectures as first and foremost a means to further intimacy with Christ and conformation to His character
  2. Resolved – to be courageously faithful in completing my scholastic endeavors despite the difficulties and the discouragements, so as to prove perseverance in character
  3. Resolved – to mortify pride and cultivate humility when involved in scholastic endeavors
  4. Resolved – to be a quick and disciplined listener rather and a slow speaker, so as to maximize the wisdom and knowledge that I can gain from those who God has graciously given to me as professors, teachers, and mentors
  5. Resolved – to apply utmost discipline and diligence when engaged in scholastic disciplines, so as to not be ashamed but rather approved as a workman who can accurately handle the Scriptures
  6. Resolved – to be prayerful at all times before, during, and after engaging in scholastic endeavors, so as to assure that the Lord grant me proper perspective, passion, and perseverance in such a way that would please Him
  7. Resolved – to be fearful of the Lord and mindful of His presence at all times, so as to maintain utmost integrity and cultivate utmost trust when engaged in scholastic endeavors
  8. Resolved – to be thankful at all times to God for graciously granting me the opportunity to study His word in such a way that I may truly be an approved workman
  9. Resolved – to continue to strive after excellence in scholarship even when formal scholastic programs are not a part of my life, so as to continue to grow as a workman unashamed who can accurately handle the Word of truth

Resolutions for Physical Discipline

  1. Resolved – to consider God and things above (people and the Word), and not my appearance, before I decide what to eat and how much to eat.
  2. Resolved – to consider God and the things above (people and the Word), and not my appearance, before I decide how to exercise and how much to exercise.
  3. Resolved – to pray for holy motivations each time I eat or exercise, as to be moved by God’s glory rather than by self-glory.
  4. Resolved – to spend more time gazing at the beauty of God and not at myself in the mirror before and after eating or exercising.
  5. Resolved – to consider the perfect body I have in heaven before eating and exercising, so as to not be tempted to pursue one on earth
  6. Resolved – to consider the rigors of ministry before eating and exercising, so as to be focused on building a body fit for the work of ministry instead of a body fit for the wows of media
  7. Resolved – to exhibit mastery over all physical desires, and discipline my body for the sake of furthering God’s kingdom and honoring His righteousness

Resolutions for Financial Stewardship

  1. Resolved – to live in such a way that finds in contentment only in the basic necessities of life, such that I may never be accused of a love of money by even the most destitute of people
  2. Resolved – to invest all of my financial resources only in those endeavors that will directly go into the investment of the furtherance of the kingdom of God, such that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven
  3. Resolved – to never withhold the giving of money to the Lord, despite whatever financial hardships I or my family is going through, but rather to entrust my money to Him
  4. Resolved – to consider the glory of God and to do all in my power to honor him with whatever money He entrusts me with, so as not to be ashamed
  5. Resolved – to rely completely and confidently on God for all financial resources and in all financial endeavors in such a way that I may be prayerful at all times when engaged in all financial endeavors

Resolutions for Recreation

  1. Resolved – to cease all of my heart’s anxious and prideful striving so as to take the time minute by minute to acknowledge the presence of the Almighty God so as to be mindful of His exaltation
  2. Resolved – to discipline my body and soul to get the necessary rest that it needs, so as to be effective for a lifetime of agonizing ministry
  3. Resolved – to mortify all the pride that prompts me to do more than I am capable of doing, and to cultivate humility to a degree such that I can shamelessly recognize my limitations
  4. Resolved – to take time daily to consider the marvelous power and wisdom of God through creation, so as to cultivate humility in my heart and further nurture an awareness of the majesty and holiness of God
  5. Resolved – to cherish the brethren in a restful manner, so as to deepen the intimacy that I have the people of God

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